Monday, May 14, 2007

Spanking comments

Well the writer's event with Alan Campbell was cancelled, so if you want to find out more about him you'll have to give his blog a go at

As the weather was atrocious we headed to the cinema to watch '28 Weeks Later', which was okay but personally not as good as the first movie. I'm sure the director was attempting to emulate the zombie horror movies of the early 60s that made reference to and commented on Vietnam. This film attempted to sum up America's war in Iraq in similar way, but came over as just a little bit hard handed. That said, great scenes of London being fire bombed. Lady H particularly liked seeing City Airport and the Docklands being levelled as she has had to spend so much time there with work.

Also went to see an The Curse of the Cat People from 1944, which was dreamy and strange and had some absolutely hilarious dialogue (that just wouldn't get past the pc brigade now), about a child being given a spanking for the first time.

Not many cats in it though.

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