Monday, September 10, 2007

Gathering Pace

The new work is gathering pace. The book is currently at the stage where it grows organically to the point that I don't even know exactly in which direction it will go. It's almost as if the story has a life of its own and its great fun making connections and realising what the story is all about. I'm hoping to have a first draft finished by Christmas that will be full of inaccuracies and errors where characters change shape, size, sides, and species but the back bone of the story will be complete.


Finished the last John Connolly novel which leaves the character in an isolated and vulnerable state. In this book, more than the others, you realise what a troubled and deeply flawed character he is and that even though the story is told from Parker's point of view, as if he is a hero, he might in truth be no better than the troubled people who feel his wrath. You understand now why his relationships with others are at best dysfunctional and why he has isolated himself up on the Maine coast. There is now great ambiguity in the books that I look forward to seeing how Connolly will resolve. Fortunately he's working on a new book.

Read this week:
The Unquiet by John Connolly

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