Monday, October 15, 2007

Population Explosion

Feeling unwell all weekend. I believe PC Benny and Madam Vin left more than a feeling of bonhomie after the visit last week. No need to worry though, as it allows me time to write, sit inside, read and watch games of rugby where I shout and make my sore throat even worse.

Just a few quick notes...Congratulations to my erstwhile colleague, Hampton, whose lovely and no doubt extremely tired wife gave birth to twins this weekend. I would like to welcome to the world Ava Mirabelle and Miles Dylan, please wipe your feet on entering, don't drop litter and always remember keep a clean handkerchief about your person (I feel that might be some musical influences in the names but haven't asked yet).

Also well done to an old friend who recently joined Facebook and had a daughter in July called Jessica Rose Swift.

The world keeps on getting bigger so I guess we better add on some kind of extension.

To celebrate here are some fire works from the closing night of the festival.


Due to being so ill over the weekend I was able to read the new Pratchett which aptly enough is set in the world of banking. Pratchett brings back the character of Moist Von Lipwig (a wonderful name) to take over the affairs of a bank that has a small dog as its chairman and a shady Medici style family in the background.

Expect the usual bunch of golems (one of which thinks it's a she), Igors, werewolves and the Watch. The best character is still Vetinari who I believe is based on Sir Walsingham (who has managed to crop in the new novel) and his ability to maneuver all the other characters around the chess board of life without ever breaking a sweat.

This story is not as good as the last Lipwig novel, but it feels like Pratchett is gearing up for something big in the world of Ankh Morpork and that this novel was necessary to get the spades in the ground (pun - you'll have to read the book).


Read this week:
Making Money by Terry Pratchett
Loving Mephistopheles by Miranda Miller

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