Sunday, March 02, 2008

Rescind of Contract

I have today written one of the most considered and deliberated upon emails ever to be sent in the history of the interweb.

After months of hard work, time and money, to be offered a contract with a small publishing house was all I ever wanted. I have at this time rescinded that contract and have once more become publisherless.

What foolishness is this I hear you cry! Has Adam been spending too much time sniffing the cleaning products kept under the sink. Alas, I have to say I am in a perfectly stable and balanced state of mind.

I decided after much deliberation that I was much better off without the small publisher, feeling that they were not interested in representing the book in its best light. This is not arrogance or self importance but came down to remarks made by one of their other authors who said that those she was glad her novel had been published she just wished that it had not been published by that particular company (paraphrased and names not given to protect the innocent).

Therefore I am once more free and single and on the look out for a good publisher / Literary Agent interested in representing a dark urban fantasy set in the UK.

If you're out there - Get in touch!


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