Sunday, November 23, 2008

Post 100!!!

Having reached post 100, we're having a bit of a party, Blogger is currently mixing some vicious looking cocktails while I'm busy putting the finishing touches to the pineapple and cheese on sticks. I imagine it'll go on late into the night, with the 'Best of Black Lace' being played at full volume until the neighbours complain.


I'm in research mode at the moment. I have a trip planned to London for January so I need to start researching all the places I want to visit. I have a rough idea for the second book but now need to put several months of notes behind it. I'll be using this blog to record any ideas or interesting bits of information until I begin to write the book around February time.


I picked up Varjak Paw because the artist was Dave McKean. It's a simple story about a naive young cat who must overcome its embarrassment about being different if it to return to the house on the hill where it once lived in pampered luxury. To do this the Mesopotamian Blue must learn the Way of Jalal, a martial arts for cats, taught by its long dead ancestor and in the process learn there is more about life than free food.
It's a simple fable, beautifully told and of course illustrated in Mckean's simple black pen master strokes. It's the sort of book you read in an afternoon but the story stays with you for much longer.


Well, I've got to go now; Blogger has locked herself in the bathroom after trying it on with Google. It's going to be a long night...

Read this week:
Varjack Paw by SF Said.

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