Sunday, February 08, 2009

Rabbit Holes

I managed, at about 10.00pm last night, to get my Alice down her proverbial rabbit hole, except she’s not called Alice, she was called Sarah but is now Susan (or Sue to her mates - thanks to Joy and Lorraine who helped with the name change), and it’s not a rabbit hole but a large metal door in a brick wall that doesn’t go anywhere. 

The first bit of the novel has been a bit sticky but I now feel I’ve found the voice I’m looking for and now that Sarah is in the Gap all sorts of mayhem can take place, which is the fun bit of writing.

Found some interesting photos about disused places photographed by Urban Explorers. The empty fun parks are particularly surreal places. Devoid of the children who once ran around them they are haunted sites slowly decaying. Beautiful and yet lonely, I’m surprised about how many fun parks in the Far East have been left to ruin. 

I know that urban Exploring is technically illegal but their belief and tenacity in photographing these places has to be admired. I can’t find any Urban Explorers in Edinburgh, but then I don’t imagine they advertise. I’d would love to speak to some.

As usual Charlie Brooker has something funny to say about the modern age. I particularly like:

dwindlethink (dwin-dull-think) vb. The process by which a member of the public forms an opinion on a subject of national importance after viewing a plebbledashed (qv) news report, then finds themselves passing it on to the nation when stopped in the street for another plebbledashed (qv) report the following day.

If you don’t read his Monday column, you really should. Clever and angry.

And finally Shaun Tan has a good interview over at Drawn. I love his art work, a simple palette but so much is going on. I really must seek out some of his work.

I’ve been Twittering and Tweeting for a week now. It’s fun, however I started on a bum note with trying to turn it into a medium for a story, which to be honest has just not worked. Therefore I’ll just join in with the odd comment with those people who I’m following. If you want to follow me look for @MiddleManLost.

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