Sunday, March 08, 2009

Twittering Watchmen

Sorry folks...I know it's been a long time...but I've been busy. I know that is no excuse. I'm slapping my bottom right now as punishment and promising to be better in the future.
What have I been doing? Well writing, writing, writing and reading, reading, reading. 

Hellfire continues. I'm getting into my stride now and our characters are all safely in the Gap and having all sorts of adventures. I've been doing reviews for the BFS, but missed this months deadline through my own inability to manage time, and so any new reviews will be in the next issue of Dark Horizons.

Reading Book 2 of Rex Mundi, which continues rather unsurprisingly on from Book 1. Our hero, Doctor Julien Sauniere is following up on the horrific murders that have taken place in Paris. Something rather nasty seems to be haunting the streets and everything is pointing to Lord Lorraine trying to depose of the king by any methods necessary. Tightly written and action packed the books pace is only slowed by the addition of the fake newspaper articles between chapters. Need to read Book 3 now.

Also read (well, not actually read, as there is no words in it) 'The Arrival' by Shaun Tan (thank you Madame Vin) which is a wonderful work examining one mans journey across the world to start a new life as an immigrant. It captures via the use of fantasy the alienation one must feel in a land that is completely different, the loneliness and the confusion. Tan's work is illustrated in an aged sepia tint which makes the book feel like an heirloom of some long forgotten family member. Produced by Hodder's children imprint this book is aimed at a very mature market.

Just seen Watchmen, which is good but works so much better in its original format. I think Alan Moore is right when he say's that it should have stayed as is. Not that it's not a good film, it is, it's just that ultimately the source material is so much richer and no amount of techno wizardry can capture that.

I've been Twittering a lot (I worry that I'm slightly addicted). Not sure what it is about this short form update service but I find myself continually drawn to finding out what strangers (famous and not) are up to. If you're interested in joining (and I would love to see you all in Twitterland) you can find me at MiddleManLost.

Other Twitter people I have been following include Danny Choo, who gives me my required update on all things Japanese and keeps the lovely website Cory Doctorow updates regularly with links to the ever brilliant BoingBoing and you can also follow Gaiman, Fry and the great Alan Davies and of course the great food and wine matches of MadameVin

Read this week:
Rex Mundi Book Two: The River Underground by Arvid Nelson, Eric J and Jeromy Cox
The Arrival by Shaun Tan

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