Thursday, April 16, 2009

Between Flights

I'm between flights.

I got back from my brothers home in Devon yesterday. Whilst we were down he proposed to his girlfriend, getting down on bended knee in a nice restaurant having hid her ring inside an Easter egg. There was then much quaffing of champagne and excited chatter about weddings, honeymoons and stag do's. I've been appointed 'best-man' and now have to think of a venue for several well built police officers to let off steam.

I haven't really had much time to get any writing done (none, if truth be known), but the brain is beavering away tweaking current stories and building on new ones.

I'm up again tomorrow to fly to Berlin. I have a very early start (I'm not good early in the morning, my brain refuses to work before 8.00 am), but as the weekend will involve copious amounts of alcohol and food it will probably be the best I feel all week.

Had my birthday yesterday, which was a quiet affair as MadameVin is not very well. Thanks to all of you in Twitterland and Facebook World  for the well wishes, it's very much appreciated.

Got some cool pressies, including many books and DVDs, but best of all, a 1st edition copy of Dave Mckean's 'Cages', which must have cost my other half a small fortune. 

Right, now I'm off to cook, pack and get an early night (probably).

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