Sunday, November 29, 2009

I'm Not a Natural Runner

It’s turned very cold and wet here. This has the disadvantage of keeping me away from any kind of exercise that involves going outside. I’m not a natural runner, finding it a laborious and not enjoyable past time, however that said I feel my writing improves if I get regular exercise. When it’s dark at four in the afternoon I’m even less inclined to go out. I went yesterday morning but it was a woeful attempt. The advantage is that I get lots of stuff done, and so plenty of press releases for ‘The Missing’ have gone out and ‘Juvie’ is getting its rewrites done.

The Missing is now available from Blackwell’s.

Over at Forbidden Planet they have an interesting link to interviews with Joe Sacco and Eddie Campbell.

Plus Kate Griffin has some very sane and sensible things to say about the Protection of Children Act 1999.

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