Thursday, March 18, 2010

Going Commando

I’m away from my desk for the next four days and only keeping in touch via the odd twitter (@MiddleManLost) update and Facebook detail.

I’m away down south on my brother’s stag do, which involves several hours running around woodland in khaki green and shooting each other with paint balls in displays of manliness. There will be much in the way of grunting and the scratching of hairy chests and balls as we revert to primal instincts. If you’ve ever met me you will know that me taking part in such an activity is either hilarious or down right scary.


I’ve been in research mode looking into ‘stuff’ for the follow up to “Juvie,” as well as several other things I have going on in my head at the moment which includes the comic book, a TV show idea and a work of non-fiction. Hopefully at least one of them will get off the ground. I’ve been using Evernote to store stuff ‘on the cloud.’ It’s okay but I’m having trouble linking stuff the way I want it. If anyone has any experience of using it drop me a note on the web link.

Right, I’m off to sharpen my hip knife, check the tension on my choke wire and prime my grenades for action. I leave you with a book review.


Stephen Smith is a reporter for News Night and his detailed analysis of the world he sees around him often slips into the writing of ‘Underground London.’ This non-fiction work looks at some of the oddities that exist underneath the capital and, whilst in no way is it exhaustive, it does visit some of the better known attractions. At times he does seem to spend an inordinate amount of time above ground and only really descends into the sewers, tube network and the odd basement. He also has a habit of going off at a bit of a tangent but it’s an interesting, thoughtful work with the odd moment of humour.

Read this week:

Underground London by Stephen Smith