Saturday, May 29, 2010

Holiday Weekend

Ahhh Bank Holiday Weekend. Rain, cold winds, and nothing on the TV. Just like I remember them as a kid. Luckily I have plenty to keep me busy as I'm working my way through 'Juvie 2'. Currently getting about 6-7,000 words done a week. Not a lot, but I tend to edit on the run so a lot goes down and is then dumped when I read it through again. I'm considering titles and will probably change it many times before I'm happy.
What's a book to become in the 21st century post internet and network media revolution?... How does one introduce the connected and computational user experience of digital media into the paper book, to actualise it, widen its scope, and engage the reader in new ways?
Bertrand Duplat & Etienne Mineur

What's in your bag? 

A perfect little animation about love called Crater Face:

Crater Face from Skyler Page on Vimeo.

I've never read any Richard Kadrey before. Sandman Slim is the story of bad dude who pulls himself out of hell after being tricked into his own death by his so called magician friends. He's back for revenge, and having trained to kill the demons of the pit, he's angry and ready for action. It's a quick, thrill a minute read, with a dark alternative LA hipster feel to the writing and characterisation. That said his main character ain't too bright and it does feel like he's just putting off what needs to be done.

The Charlie Parker thriller is a highlight of my reading year and The Whisperers is just as good as anything that has come before. It's the assured voice of Connolly's writing, his ability to take what could be a well written thriller and turn it into something more. Parker investigates the apparent suicides of a recently return from Iraq soldier and soon finds similar deaths, and then someone tries to scare him off. Not a good idea with Parker. He calls in help from New York and sets about uncovering the truth. At the same time a deformed figures looms from the darkness. Clever, dark and continuous of the Parker myth.

Read this week:
Sandman Slim by Richard Kadrey
The Whisperers by John Connolly