Sunday, July 11, 2010


I'm writing this on an Ipad. This has probably reduced a select few of you into howls of derision. It's just a great big phone, I hear you cry. Another one taken in by the Apple hype, you call. Poseur, you sneer.

I'm not sure why Apple's devices cause such devotion in some and such spewed bile in others. I'm not apologising for my own love of their products. I'm a new(ish) convert to Mr. Jobs and in the last few years I've replaced all my hardware with Apple and it's been a blessing. Not one blue screen of death or dodgy joining of devices have I had since moving over to the fruity ones. Everything works as a joined up network and I no longer come close to throwing my laptop across the study (ask my wife about this).

I love Apple products - there, I've said it.

If you don't - fine. I'm not going to judge you.