Monday, September 20, 2010

On Not Really Liking Curry

I know this is going to seem as blasphemy, of a sorts, to some good friends, and also not particularly grateful to the country I'm currently living in (India not Scotland), but the thing is, I've recently discovered I don't really like curry.
I don't hate it, hate is far too strong a word. In truth I don't really hate much apart from .... (lets not go there). But the thing is I don't really like it. It's okay, the taste is agreeable (it's not a heat thing. I quite like hot food), but I don't enjoy it as much as so many other food types out there. Even a Friday night curry, after work and many pints, I've always found all right - just okay - not bad - mildly diverting.
For me curry is nice on the first bite, middling on the second and then it just kind of goes down hill until I can't be bothered eating any more. I think it has something to do with the fact that when you've eaten the first few mouthfuls of curry, whatever you have with it after that, rice, naan, the many different breads they have out here, pickled veg, they all kinda taste the same.
I would much rather have slices of Parma Ham with ripe melon, or roast meat with gravy and red-current jelly, fresh langoustines baked with lemon, garlic and salt, paella or a simple bowl of pasta in a fresh tomato ragu. I like sweet and savoury mixed together, fresh simply prepared food.

Curry just leaves a bad taste in my mouth - sorry. Perhaps being over here I'll learn to love it, become some sort of disciple, able to wax lyrical on the joys of a good, true Indian curry, how to create that authentic taste and what to serve it with, but at the moment it just kind of - meh!


I'm off to London for a week very early in the morning. There I plan to fit in numerous activities including seeing the Hypercomics Exhibition at the Pumphouse which contains some Dave McKean work, visit my newly born niece 'Orla' at my sisters, get to see the wonderful Mr. Stephen Fry at the Royal Albert Hall (who I have now attempted to see twice and failed both times) and nip down to Eastbourne for the wedding of friends Jo'n'Joe.


In the meantime and whilst I'm away here are some links:

  • India's $35 slate has been outed as a Hivision Speedpad.
  • India is also about to issue biometric ID's to the entire population -  I still don't really agree with this.
  • And I've just finished the complete 100 Bullets by Brian Azzerello, which is brilliant and if you haven't, then you should read.

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