Tuesday, December 07, 2010

What Cool Air Feels Like

With 'Juvie' finished and back with my agent I need to turn my attention to work on the second book in the series, 'Stigma.' Before I do that however, we managed to fit in a small break to a part of India called Kerala. We stayed on a lovely Cardamon plantation up in the mountains where I was reminded what cool air feels like. We also spent a night on a boat travelling the back waters and ate large prawns from the sea.

Pictures are here.

When travelling like this I pack light. A pen and a small moleskin notebook and an iPad are my only writing tools. As I try and write every day I need somewhere to jot down ideas. I prefer to work on shorter pieces whilst holidaying as I don't want to start ripping apart a novel when I should be relaxing. Every year I write a small Christmas story to give to friends and family. I was able to start it whilst watching the kingfishers diving into the dark water. I'll edit it later this week and get it out before I return to the UK. Check your inbox.


A quick 'how is everyone?' to friends back in the UK, particularly Scotland, where they have been having some very unseasonable early snows. I hope everyone is well and warm.

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