Thursday, October 13, 2011

Knuckle Down

I've missed a deadline.

I hate missing deadlines.

I'm off to Venice early tomorrow morning, but I go with a feeling of incompleteness, a feeling which will nag at me as I look at Tintoretto's and sip prosecco. It can't be helped. I tried my best, but still...

I wanted to finish the rewrites on 'Waters Deep,' and I've come up three chapters short. This is partially due to including several new scenes, which meant others had to be rewritten or moved to different parts of the story. The other reason is that I'm trying to do too much writer related stuff at the same time, juggling multiple projects and my time, and having to work at a day job. It can't be helped, but it is very frustrating.

I could take it with me and finish it on holiday, but that's not fair on my wife, (who likes to see me every once in while, if only to remind herself she's married), and I like to travel light. I'll take the ipad and do a bit of research and short story work, but I don't want to lug a laptop as well (along with camera's, phones and all the leads and chargers necessary to keep things working).

I'll just have to me more organised when I get back, knuckle down and do some work.

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