Friday, December 06, 2013

Two Lady Thrillington's for the Price of One!

Yes, she's back. With more daring-do than you can shake a stick at, whilst shouting "I say, stop that young man!"

"Something dark and daemonic is stealing people from the East End of London; creatures that leap and cavort in the fog filled streets of Whitechapel have been spotted and there are tales told of the dead coming back to life. Lady Thrillington is drawn to the slums as she investigates the seemingly reformed leader of the Hellfire Club, the Marquess of Waterford and the people's champion, Mr. Elias Lockhorn, but all is not as it seems. Revolution is brewing in the heart of Empire."
An adventure of clockwork, locks and monsters form the Unseen Dimensions.

Available now on the Amazon store in ebook format.


From tomorrow you can get the first Lady Thrillington Adventure - The Case of the Cursed Star - FOR FREE! For five days only you can get two Lady Thrillington's for the price of one.

The UK version can be purchased here.

The US version can be purchased here.

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