Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Ghost Books

Just in case any of you were worried Lady H returned safe and sound from Italy on Saturday. Everything seems well in that part of the world and the hidey-hole itself is looking grand. It seems her diet during this short stay consisted of mainly wine, but I think this was her way of blending in with the chaperon.

She was able to bring back with her my incomplete set of Shakespeare books. The collection of plays, published in 1896 in a diminutive size, backed in red cloth with gold lettering was a 21st birthday present from the parental units. Though the books are frayed and tired they are signed in the front as being owned by M. B. Claydon.

I often wonder who this person was. Was he or she young or old, an avid fan of Shakespeare or plays in general, a lover of books and why did they not own the full set (or did they and lost some volumes through mishap? If so how and where did they get lost?)? Would they mind that I had now taken ownership of them (and who will look after them once I have gone)?
I have become the unwitting guardian of one small part of another's life and through them I acknowledge the ghostly presence of a previous owner. I wonder if I should add my name and start a list for future generations?

This blog is now also hosted on the Barganews website. Does that mean I'm now an international writer?

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