Monday, December 11, 2006

Bearded Ladies and Outlaws

Spent the weekend with PC Benny in the old hunting ground of Snottingham. It was a time to catch up with both friends and family and the news that is circulating within each set (the two are kept apart however, in fear that one might embarrass the other).

On the family side, final grandparent is looking a lot better after numerous operations and procedures completed by the men with stethoscopes. Big Chief Shardlow has returned from France having stocked up with enough wine to see him through to the warmer months. The Mudder is in training for her visit north of the border for Hogmany, while Fay-Fay is planning baby nephews first annum celebration (the afore mentioned nephew has decided he doesn't like men with beards and now screams when approached by either uncle or carnival ladies), while PC Benny is starting to think about his flight south to the land of clotted cream.

On the friend's side, all are seemingly happy in relationships (first time ever). The Grayman is flourishing while selling soft core porn, Kaiser is working for the same people as me (showing that we truly do live in the world of the mega-corporation), big Tim's love of all things Italian has now extended to his hair and facial ornaments and Van the man was conspicuous by his absence.

A good time was had by all, however while waiting for a taxi on a cold concrete street, whipped by the empty take-away trays and surrounded by the t-shirt wearing Snottingham 'massive with their blue legged girlfriends of the loud voice and expletive filled sentences, it reminded me why I'm so glad we moved north. A new series of Robin Hood has not restored any pride in the place.

Read this week:
The Forest in Folklore and Mythology by Alexander Porteous
Howl and other Poems by Allen Ginsberg.

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