Saturday, December 23, 2006

Yule time in the Castle

Well it's time for the Christmas holidays to begin in earnest. The tree is decorated, the presents wrapped, the cards are on the mantelpiece (if we had one) and air is filled with the smell of spiced wine and roasting goose.

Last night I had a Christmas meal in the castle's Queen Anne room's. The views, looking out over the city (which isn't covered with fog unlike the rest of the country) really are spectacular, and the building are impressive. It's also, what I would call, a proper castle with battlements, granite cliffs, impregnable wall plus it still has a standing garrison.

In Nottingham, visitors always expected some medieaval building to dominate the town but that castle was burnt to the ground a long time ago and the building that replaced it is more akin to a stately home than that image I mentioned, but Edinburgh castle is the real deal.

Talking of all things Nottingham I'm spending the day watching 'Robin of Sherwood'. It really is so much better then the new BBC's Robin in the Hoodie show. 'Robin of Sherwood' is dark, mysterious and quite bloody in places. There is a feeling of magic in the show helped with the introduction of the shaman / Green man character of Herne the Hunter. The characters are interesting and you actually care about them, they feel like a band of desperadoes living on their wits.
Talking about the other show with Lady H we realised we couldn't even remember which of Hood's men was Will Scarlet and the outfit they wear are just ridiculous.

So with several more episodes to go I'll leave you to enjoy the holiday. Happy Christmas!

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