Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Taste of Something Wonderful

Went with Madame Vin to the Channel 4 Taste festival on Saturday where much fun was had by all. Met up with Kanga-Roux and Uncle Brian and much drink was consumed in the form of Leffe beer and wines from the Bordeaux region.

To keep stomachs from growling and moaning much marvelous food was eaten and a raw oyster was consumed.

The evening was finished off in several local inns and headaches were experienced the following day.


Started reading the Hellblazer series. I've read some of these before but this time I'm determined to read them in order. It's a dark cry of a story from the bowels of the 1980's with Thatcher in full flight. The stories of the first collection 'Original Sins' are all concerned with greed in one form or another. Whether as yuppies and their need for money or drug users need for a poison.

John Constantine comes across as a haunted figure both physically in the guise of dead friends who visit him, and mentally in a past that is catching up with him. He's a wise cracking Bogart of the 80's, but one who is feeling the desperation of the city he loves.

Neither the demons nor organised religion come off as successful refugees for the empty souls that plague the period. They are both as bad as each other and both see Constantine as the enemy.

Read this week:
Hellblazer: Original Sins by Jamie Delano

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