Sunday, June 24, 2007

Course Improvements

Spent the end of the week with several visits to Glasgow attending a course to improve my skills for the work place. Apart from the early start (from me) I quite enjoy these courses, the work all makes sense and you don't have any of the pressures on you of 'real' work.

Just finished writing a synopsis for 'The Missing', which is one of my least favourite parts of writing. Summing up a novel in as few a paragraphs as possible while still trying to make the book sound exciting. It's awkward and tiring work, but at least it's finished. Also have written three reviews which have been sent off to the BFS.


We have a new member to our household (at least for the next week). Her name is Missy and she is currently hiding under the bed. I'll try and get a photo of her but she's a little bit shy.

She'll be staying with us until her owner returns from his holiday. Wish I hadn't bothered doing that as the Canon utility I'm using just kicked me out of Explorer resulting in a restart. When Madame Vin (previously Lady H but this is a much better moniker) and I are both using the wireless connection we have all sorts of adventures.
Just finished reading the second Hellblazer. 'Dangerous Habits' is better than the first as it gives Constantine a more human aspect. He is dieing, and only in death does one get to understand the fragility of their lives. That something as mundane as cancer could kill a hero who has fought of the hordes of hell is one reason that these books work so well for me. Constantine is fragile and eventually even he cannot escape a force of nature. Only in playing the devil's advocate and perhaps putting his soul in even more danger that before can he possibly hope to beat something as deadly as the disease.
Read this week:
Hellblazer: Dangerous Habits by Garth Ennis
Deastock (proof copy) by Jeffrey Thomas

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