Sunday, July 01, 2007

A Rain Soaked Wonderland

As the UK is experiencing one long monsoon and with little let up in the rain I've turned my attention to reading and working my way through a few books I've had on my shelf for a while. It's either that or learn to cultivate rice on the terrace behind my flat.

Alice In Sunderland - An Entertainment by Bryan Talbot is exquisite. A comic full of interesting information that is enhanced by the artwork. The story in an unashamed ode to Sunderland (a city I've never been to), and to the relationship that Lewis Carroll had with the area. We learn of the hero's, villains, myths and history of the place, all of which is interwoven into Talbot's own Wonderland, including a white rabbit mask presenter.

It's the art work that stands out though. Using digital imagery as well as more traditional methods his work is outstanding. See this page for example He reminds me a little of the great Dave McKean, though their styles are uniquely their own.

Read this week:
Alice in Sunderland: An Entertainment by Bryan Talbot

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