Monday, July 16, 2007

Immediate Departure Expected

Off to France early tomorrow morning so thought I would get a quick post in before departing.

As we move towards summer all the listings start to be printed for the Edinburgh Festival. This gets exciting and expensive, plus it becomes a serious problem in arranging ones diary to see everything you want to (I've already had one clash because the premiere of Neil Gaiman's Stardust is on the same day I had bought tickets to the opening of the comedy gala!).

So far I've managed to get tickets to the following events:

  1. Rolling With Laughter - A friend of ours who disappeared off the radar to the US is returning with her own one woman show about her own life which considering Madam Vin has known her for over fifteen years will no doubt be slightly surreal.
  2. Fantasy Writing -Fantasy author Deborah J Miller discusses the pros and cons of being a genre author
  3. Loose Ends - Of BBC Radio 4 fame.
  4. Stardust - On which I think I've spoken before.
  5. Daywatch - The follow up to Nightwatch, as I believe you can never get enough Russian vampires.
Read 'The Court of the Air' by Stephen Hunt. This is fantasy set in a mechanised Victorian world of vast air ships, robotic life forms run on steam, old gods and new political voices. It takes some getting into and at times it feels like too many ideas running around for their own good. I think there are probably at least a couple of books in here. I looked it up on the Internet and found this flash animation, which at least is a novel way of advertising.

I've got about three books to get through in the next ten days so plan to concentrate on doing a bit of reading in between visits to vine yards and restaurants. When I return I plan to get on with the new novel with gusto.

Read this week:
The Court of the Air by Stephen Hunt

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