Saturday, December 08, 2007

Goodbye to all that...

Saturday, and our last day in NY. We had to get to the airport for mid afternoon and Madame Vin woke up with a bad stomach. I think the food portions are wearing us down and I actually opted for muesli this morning for breakfast.
Not wanting to spend time on the streets as it was very cold we headed to the cinema and saw the new Coen brothers film ‘No Country for Old Men’. The film is dark and amusing and certainly their best for some time (I could never understand the fuss made about O Brother, Where Art Thou?). It reminded me of some of their earlier works such as Blood Simple, with the actor Javier Bardem playing a killer of truly frightening potential.
And that’s it. We’ve finished our NY trip. So it's back to Scotland and the build up to the Christmas week, plus I have to get the contract to the publishers.

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