Monday, December 03, 2007

Retail Therapy and Monsters

Awoke very early as my body clock asserts that it is time to get going but the clock tells me it is only six in the morning. Whereas yesterday had been golden with sun today is muggy, grey and foggy. Not really having the clothes for that sort of thing I sweat around the stores of Fifth Avenue, but Madame Vin is very happy with all of her purchases. I buy some more jumpers and head back to the apartment to drop them off before heading uptown. I want to see Beowulf, the Neil Gaiman co-written animation at the Imax and in 3D. Last year we saw Superman in 3D in San Francisco, but this film is something else. The whole film is 3D and the world of 5th century Norse lands open up on a screen three storeys high. Swords, axes, arrows, dragons and Angelena Jolie’s breasts fly from the screen, causing you to duck or grab depending on what affronts you.
The movie is good, the story lengthened and added to from the original. Though the accents are all over the place (I’ve come to kill ur mawnster!) and the horses waddle rather than run, the action is none stop and thoroughly enjoyable. Perhaps have hit on a new vein of entertainment in the rewriting of 5th century myths.
After the movie we return to the Meat Packing district and dine at Nero’s which is great food but so dark inside I nearly eat my neighbours’ meal by mistake. Finish the evening at the White Horse with a pint of Samuel Adams.

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