Saturday, August 09, 2008

Funny ha ha ha...

The Festival is now in full swing (which probably explains why it's raining constantly) and I've added Tim Minchin and Amnesty International to sights seen. Minchin was excellent, laugh until a small bit of vomit comes into your mouth funny. He really is such a talented chap with not only being humorous but a highly skilled and adept musician if you get the chance to see him, take it. I've put a little clip of him below:

We also went to see The Amnesty International gig with Ed Byrne's, Rich Hall and Mark Watson who between them managed to wake me up via the art of laughter as the time nudged two in the morning.

Still plenty more to go which I'll report back on later next week.

Had an interesting conundrum in the editing of 'The Missing' this week in the use of language, particularly American English. It all stemmed from the spelling of the word 'tyre' which in the US is spelt 'tire'. In one part of the novel a character from the US of A talks about changing the tyre (or tire as it would be) with someone from the UK. They both refer to the rubber part of the car and by the end of the piece the UK character has changed nationality (don't ask, just read the book when it comes out and all will become clear). So the I use 'tyre', 'tire' or both depending on who is speaking or doesn't it matter and should I use the spelling for the language I'm writing in (UK English). The matter was too much for me and the editor and so was sent upwards to the chief editor and the results are....(drum roll)...use the UK spelling...phew!

Finished off the other two volumes of Miracleman as written by Alan Moore.

The second book entitled 'The Red King Syndrome,' though not liked by all is for me the best of the three as it shows the hero's ascent into the heavens as he realises that his powers make him a God among men. Humans become nothing to him as he can kill them with ease, imagine Superman with no moral compass. Also through his actions he brings about the creation of a creature even more powerful than himself.

Olympus, the third and final book has Miracleman reminiscing on his past and how the Earth was reshaped once he and several super heroes decide that they will rule the planet. It's a bitter sweet ending as the comic is seen only from Miracleman's point of view and though he knows he has brought justice and humility to the human race it was done via death, intimidation and knowledge that humanity is now firmly under the yoke.
The only problem I had with the final book is some of the language used my Moore during the dance sequences. It's good but just a little bit indulgent for my tastes.

Read this week:
Miracleman Book Two: The Red King Syndrome by Alan Moore et al
Miracleman Book Three: Olympus by Alan Moore and John Totleben


Matthew Hampton said...

I fucking hate the Edinburgh festival. Not that I've ever been of course; I get nervous leaving London these days, let alone getting outside the M25.
For a month, it seems, the papers are clogged up with reviews of things happening somewhere else. In my more extreme metropolitan moments, I think this must be how it feels to live outside of London for the rest of the year. Come in Edinburgh, your time is nearly up...
How was the bike ride? Have you done it yet?

Marlowe said...

You should get out more. It sound like you're turning into some kind of grizzled hermit. Try stepping out of the city that isn't (disappointingly) paved with gold and see the rest of the country. Some of us actually chose to live in places other than London.

Bike ride is first weekend in September. Slight downer the other day when my bike was nicked by some toe-rag (we have them outside London as well). New bike delivered this week.

Matthew Hampton said...

Tried that. Went to Cornwall last week. No phone signal; no email. Felt like my bloody arm had been chopped off. And it rained.