Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Hordes Descend

Just a quick post as I've much to do in the arena of getting everything done and dusted before Big Bad Trev arrives tomorrow for a couple of days followed hotly on his heels by The Mater. Festival time seems to be visiting time for family and friends - I can't imagine why!

Saw Bill Bailey on Thursday and he was okay. Nothing amazing, sometimes funny but nothing that made me feel like I was about to regurgitate my ribs (unlike the woman behind me who sounded as if she had brought up all of her internal organs). I guess comics have good days and bad days like anyone else and it kind of felt as if Bailey wanted to be elsewhere.


Finished Ch7. of the edit of 'The Missing', so only one more to go. After that I'll have one more read through before the whole lot gets sent off to the Chief Editor of the publishing house.

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