Friday, October 29, 2010

A beginning, a middle and an end - In that order

The first version of 'Stigma' is now complete. The book has a beginning, a middle and an end - in that order, because I find that's best. It has a host of characters, a setting, narrative ark and themes. Beginning Monday, next week, I'll start the first rewrite. This is where the fun bits starts as the themes that became more obvious close to the end of the book can be extrapolated and explored across the whole story. Traits in the characters likewise can grow and the sci-fi elements that get created can be refined and made more integral to the novel. All in all, I'm pleased with it. It feels part of the 'Juvie' universe, but at the same time a book in its own right. It also leaves a fascinating story element to cover in the third book.

Today I'm going to reduce the amount of open info points I have from around the net. The problem with having 'always on' internet access, an iPad with RSS readers and a computer that downloads pod casts automatically, means I end up with all sorts of things that I never actually get to watch, read or listen to. So today I'm going to kick back and look at:
  • The Guardian Books Podcast - useful for finding out what is happening in the world of literature.
  • Intelligence Squared - podcasts and video of interesting debates and arguments 
  • BBC World Book Club - interviews with writers
  • Vincent - An app from the VG Museum all about Vincent Van Gogh that I never got around to watching.
  • Open University - A talk on Cyborgs and cybernetics and talks on the creative writing process.
  • Plus the numerous RSS feeds and website I have a daily look at (Boing Boing, Guardian, Gaiman, Ellis, TED, Wired etc etc etc).
Should keep me busy.

I also have the inkling for a short story, that I might get around to starting.

As it's raining, I'm not going anywhere.

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