Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Turn Your Speakers Up

Getting plenty done, but there re just not enough hours in the day. I started work this morning and it's already eight in the evening. How did that happen?

Anyway just to keep you informed here is a little video of the rain, which has been keeping me at my desk. The monsoon is great for writers. Must be one of the reasons I chose to live in Edinburgh:

This second video was taken on Diwali. If you enjoy sleeping, which I do, India is not really the country for you. Not only do you have the heat and poorly built housing with little in the way of insulation, Indian's also like noise. Lots of it and as loud as possible. To prove a point the video below was taken from our balcony. Turn your speakers up as loud as they'll go and stand real close to get the real effect.

And here are some new photos for you: https://www.me.com/gallery/#100052


Some very quick book reviews. I’m getting through the mountain of reading I brought with me and I can heartily recommend any of the following:
Zeitoun by Dave Eggers - Hurricane Katrina, the floods and the awful mess that was New Orleans seen through the eyes of a local of Syrian descent. Displays both the misguided preconceptions of many balanced against the good of the few. True story.
Horns by Joe Hill - Hill’s second novel and another genre busting sort of horror, sort of love story from a writer who is becoming one of my firm favourites. What happens when your life is going to shit and you wake up one morning with horns on your head and a great big hangover.
Stories edited by Neil Gaiman and Al Sarrantonio. A good selection of well established authors show us how short stories should be written. Some better than others but look out for ‘Catch and Release’ by Lawrence Block.

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