Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Re-watching Doctor Who

I forgot to mention that I spent the last couple of weeks re-watching Doctor Who. One reason for this is that Indian television is rubbish, but more importantly I want to see how the different writers work together over the last five series to create something whole. There are many facets to the show that you just don't pick on with a weekly break.

I've been adding them to Twitter, but have pulled all of series one together here.

  • Doctor Who re-watch in order. First up Series 1 episode 1: Rose.#DrWho 
  • Rose: Intro to the Dr, Aliens and modern UK. Good use of Dr as manic, mad yet bad, opening up the universe. #DrWho 
  • #DrWho S1 Ep2: The End of the World: Dr as the lonely hero. Humans as the great race. Time as the ultimate ending. 
  • #DrWho S1 Ep3: The Unquiet Dead: First death of an innocent, history not just the future, intro of time rewrites. 
  • #DrWho S1 Ep4 Aliens of London: Modern Britain with all its problem, the people of Earth introduced to the Dr's world. 
  • #DrWho S1 Ep5 World War Three: We're all heroes now, a new golden age for Britain? The problem with companions.
  • #DrWho S1 Ep6 Dalek: mortal enemies, the loneliness of the long running Dr, listen to your companion. 
  • #DrWho S1 Ep7 The Long Game: The power of a controlled & manipulated media, the power of info - Murdoch of the future.
  • #DrWho S1 Ep8 Father's Day: Rose learns the dangers of time travel, the worth of all, the Dr as ultimate father fig.
  • #DrWho S1 Ep9 & 10 The Empty Child & The Doctor Dances: The darkness of childhood but for once, everybody lives.
  • #DrWho S1 Ep11 Boom Town: Sometimes you have to let one go, creating a God, the TARDIS lives. 
  • #DrWho S1 Ep 12 & 13 Bad Wolf & The Parting of the Ways: Gods & monsters, time power, the heart of the TARDIS
  • #DrWho Special 1 The Christmas Invasion: New Doctor, new aliens, new humans and a reference to Douglas Adams. 
I'll do the same for series 2 when I start re-watching it.

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