Monday, January 24, 2011

If You Need Me, I'm At My Desk

After the major trauma of leaving the MacBook in the safe of a hotel in Heathrow, which I only discovered after going through security, which was too late to return to said hotel and still get my flight. After the fight disasters that BA caused, not once but twice. After the rail issues caused by snow and bad weather, and after the problems with car hire companies being closed, when they said they were open - at last I'm back up and writing again.

And it feels good.

The idea is to finish 'Stigma' in its first incarnation by the end of next week. I'll then send it to my beta reader (MadameVin) whilst I work on new project ideas. Based on the beta readers comments, I might do some more work on it before sending it out to my agent. At the same time I plan to send him details of two projects that I think will have an audience. One of these projects will be written in draft form between February and July.

I also have trips planned for Australia and New Zealand and a trip back to the UK. Plus my father is coming out in February, so more travelling around India. Then at the end of July, I'm going home to Edinburgh.

That's the plan, anyway. If you need me, I'm at my desk.

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