Sunday, March 20, 2011

Best of all, MONSTERS

A good start to "Water's Deep." I've been writing all week and the characters and situations are coming together. At this early stage the book sort of evolves organically. I let it take me where it wants, introducing plot points and characters as the book demands. This sounds a little chaotic, but I find it best to let the story do the work. If there is a novel in the idea, the characters will find it as I build a world around them. Only when I get about half way through the book will I then go back and redraft and be a bit more rigid in the story I'm trying to create.

This is the fun bit. I get to create an English town, a family out of their depth, a flood, environmental scientists and best of all, MONSTERS. I looooove creating them.


I was asked yesterday to do some small articles for Word UP, a mail newsletter featuring contributions from Edinburgh's reading and writing community and produced by Edinburgh City Libraries. In the UK all libraries now need assistance and help as the current government has decided in their (misguided) wisdom decided to cut budgets and slash services.
As a child growing up in a Midlands village, the weekly trip to the local library was something I looked forward to. It was in that small building that I first was introduced to comic books (mainly Asterix and Batman), music (because you could take out albums and tapes), not to mention all the new authors I was able to read. 
Libraries are precious and should be protected like endangered animals. Once gone, they are almost impossible to replace.
Not sure what I'll write about yet, but I'll put something down whilst away Down Under and let you know when they are online.


I've got another week of writing and then I pack up and leave for Australia and New Zealand. Can't wait. In preparation for that I decided it was time to get the hair cut. Being in India I let things get a little out of hand. So I went from this:

 To this:

Much better. Don't want to look out of place in those swanky Sydney and Melbourne bars.


I'll try and update from the road and perhaps get some photos up. If not you can follow me on Twitter @middlemanlost

See you when I get back.

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