Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Super-Active, Timey-Wimey, Hyper

Finished Doctor Who (new) Series 2 last night. Really enjoyed seeing Tennant's new super-active, timey-wimey, hyper Doctor after the more serious dark Doctor of series 1. Below are my tweets from the series.

  • Dr. Who s2 ep1: New Earth: the Dr reborn as a saviour for all humanity and the longevity of those people.
  • Dr Who s2 ep2 Tooth & Claw: The birth of Torchwood. Britain protects itself from the strange universe.
  • Dr Who s2 ep3 School Reunion: Sarah Jane Smith & K-9. The universe seems so small after travelling with the Dr.
  • Dr Who s2 ep4 The Girl in the Fireplace: The Doctor and the monsters go hand in hand
  • DrWho s2 ep5 Rise of the Cyberman: Parallel worlds but the same old problems. The UK, one step away from going wrong.
  • Dr Who s2 ep6 The Age of Steel: Emotions are what make us what are we are. Take them away and ... 
  • Dr Who s2 ep7 The Idiot's Lantern: Light relief after the loss of Micky with a clever and witty @Markgatiss special. 
  • Dr Who s2 ep8 The Impossible Planet: a truly adult Who; the mythos complicated with the concept of religion.
  • Dr Who s2 ep9 The Satan Pit: conclusion the universe is more complicated than even the Dr can understand.
  • Dr Who s2 ep10 Love & Monsters: the silly episode about those left behind, those that get a whiff of the Doctor.
  • Dr Who s2 ep11 Fear Her: The power of children and imagination. The fear of being alone. The coming storm.
  • Dr Who s2 ep12 Army of Ghosts: The beginning of the end for Rose. Classic storytelling with Cybermen and Daleks.
  • Dr Who s2 Ep13 Doomsday: Goodbye to Rose. An epi that takes all those loose strands and ties them in a neat bow.

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