Sunday, April 03, 2011

Small Grey's

We did Sydney, staying in the rocks at a brewery. A good choice after the dry state of Tamil Nadu. The weather was good and we even went to the beach, exposing my bleach white skin to the brown and tan of Manley Beach. This was followed by the best thunder storm with rolling clouds reminiscent of the UFO exhausts in Independence Day.

We're now in Wellington, where Madame Vin and I lived five years ago. Has it been that long? Feels like only yesterday. It was here that I picked up many good writing habits and tricks from Chris Else writer of the excellent Brainjoy (looks like it's out of print, which is a shame) and other things, on a night school course at Wellington University.

We've been along Oriental Bay and checked what's changed in the city (very little, a few new buildings, that's about it). Wellington is small and easy to navigate.

Last night we went out to celebrate Madame Vin's fast approaching birthday with old friends at an old haunt. Much food and drink was imbibed.

One thing that is strange is the almost complete lack of news or details on Christchurch. It's mentioned, but only in passing and yet that city and it's disaster is just across the straights. Friends are making arrangements with their own emergency kits and disaster plans and others have made a few remarks about people cashing in on the disaster, but I haven't seen one collection tin on the streets.

I've just heard that Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are in town promoting the new film 'Paul'. I'm looking out for them but haven't spotted any small Grey's just yet.

Tomorrow we fly to Melbourne.

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Location:Taranaki St,Wellington Central,New Zealand

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