Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Swallowed a Stoat.

I've hit my writing target for the day, so before I go and do my reading, here is an update on last weeks trip.

Edinburgh - Turned out I had no time at all in Edinburgh to do anything that I planned. I was meant to be going down to the Cameo (my favourite cinema in town) and the Filmhouse (a very close second) to catch up all the films I've been missing here in India. This never happened. Instead I spent most of my time shuttling between interviews for job prospects. This seems to have turned out good in the end as I've accepted a new job with a company I admire - good news for me, and a relief for Madame Vin.
I did get along to the Edinburgh Secret Society's seance for the spirit of the magician Lafeyette, of which I've already written.

Nottingham - I came down with a cold and spent most of my time trying not to get too close to friends and family, and snorting into my handkerchief with watering eyes and a throat that felt like I swallowed a stoat.
I did get to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, which wasn't bad. Not as good as the first, but substantially better than the last one.

London - At last I felt a little better and just in time as my Dad was in town and together we went to see the Doctor. I spent a bit of time with him and he even let me have a go at flying the TARDiS. True to form, I left the breaks on.

Me trying to look cool in the TARDiS. Taken by the Doctor.
I saw a small exhibition of the work of Paul Duffield of Freakangels and Kate Brown (of the same) at Orbital Comics.

We went to Greenwich and stepped along the Prime Meridian.

Dad then departed, so I went to see the 'Under The Damp Earth' exhibition which features the work of Stuart Kolakovic, at NoBROW.

And finally ended up seeing Much Ado About Nothing at the Wyndham Theatre featuring the 10th Doctor and Donna - both of whom, were excellent.

Not bad for three weeks. Now, back to 'Waters Deep.'

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