Monday, June 27, 2011

Goodbye to India

We're leaving India. Wednesday morning (at some ridiculous time - why are all the international flight I take out of Chennai at the sort of time when I should be sound asleep and dreaming?) and should be back in the UK for lunch.

India has been fun. Interesting - in a feeling like a complete alien, kind of way - full of history and culture and wholly itself. It is a demanding place to come and live as both an outsider, but also for the vast majority of people who live here. Poverty is rife, contrasted against great wealth. It moves at its own pace, like one of the giant oxen that lumber down the streets. It is loud and in places dirty. It is green and cool in the mountains, but dusty and humid in the cities. A world unto itself, where much of what happens in the world goes unreported and not commented upon. It is conservative and in many ways bigoted in its approach to women, homosexuals and race. It has too many competing religions. It's industry is huge and expanding all the time, cities are buildings sites where the country of tomorrow is slowly reaching for the sky. It is a country of bafflement and shrugged shoulders and smiles and colour and huge potential.

I'll leave you with some images.

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