Sunday, July 17, 2011

Last Words of the Human Race

I've been back in Edinburgh for two weeks and I love it. I'm home. I'm in our flat. I have my desk, my books, my music. I have the cinemas, theatres, bars and restaurants of the city; museums and parks full of green trees accompanied with the gentle waft of barbecue smoke. I have cafes, streets to walk, mountains on the horizon. I have tickets to the book festival, the Fringe and a concert. I have friends to meet, greet and eat with, both new and old. I also have a new job and I start on Tuesday.

This week I've been mainly sorting out the flat and getting rid of boxes. Most of our stuff was in storage. The eighteen boxes, when returned, took up most of the floor space. I've also been working on some art, just practising really, doing small single pane comic work entitled 'Last Words of the Human Race.' I'll put some up here when I'm happy with them.

Right, I have a Sunday to enjoy. Back soon.

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Location:Edinburgh,United Kingdom

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