Monday, September 26, 2011

Beer Whenever I Want It

I have my head down, pressed into the virtual pages of Waters Deep, working and reworking characters and situations. It's coming on and as usual I've set myself a strict deadline to get the manuscript finished. So - no rest for the wicked. However, the way I work has got me thinking about the sort of skills I have learnt in my day job that are proving useful in my creative life.

I have a career. It keeps a roof over my head, food in my stomach and clothes on my back. It pays for holidays, trips to restaurants, the cinema, theatre and most importantly lets me buy beer whenever I want it. It is the means by which I can afford to exist, but it doesn't define me.

That said, through this daylight persona I have learnt and become quite adapt at certain skills. Skills that are often put into practice when starting large writing projects (project is the key term here). Writing is about skill, passion and putting in the hours, but I've also found that it helps if you are good at developing a business like attitude to production. Splitting a novel up into realisable goals, ensuring timelines are met, research techniques and the promotion of the writer as a 'brand,' are all techniques that enhance a literary life.

Could I turn these into a sellable product? I'm not sure. There are freelance consultants advertising on the net for all sort of artistic endeavours, but is there really a market for such a thing? Hmmmmm...something to ponder.

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