Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Publishing Snail

Well the Edinburgh Festivals are almost over and the good people of the city can once more reclaim the streets, stretch out a little more in the local pubs, get a restaurant booking on a saturday night and catch up on all the TV they've missed.

I spent the last day of the Book Festival meeting with my agent. Whilst there is no concrete news with regards publishers, the report he gave was encouraging. Frustrating, but encouraging. 'Juvie' is still out with the different imprints and whilst several have now turned it down, they all gave good feedback and blamed it on similar titles already on their books, whilst asking to see more work. Half of the number still have the book, and so far haven't made a decision.

The publishing snail moves ever onwards.

Now the festival is over I can get back to the rewrites on 'Waters Deep,' the aim being to finish it by Christmas.


The Raw Shark Texts by Steven Hall
Another meta-text book where the words have combined to create a monster that wants to destroy the hero. Clever and witty, being more accessible than most books in this area. He's also written some Doctor Who work.

The Playwright by Eddie Campbell and Darren White
A comic that outlines the life of a playwright past his prime and his yearning for someone to love him and gain some kind of connection with a woman. Simply drawn and coloured.

Batman - The Return of Bruce Wayne by Grant Morrison
Thought this was very disjointed and didn't really gel. The story felt as if whole scenes had been left out leaving the reader to fill in the gaps.

X'ed Out by Charles Burns
Another weird and wonderful idea from Burns that feels familiar yet completely alien at the same time. As usual he deals with young adults suffering from both psychological and physical ailments. Brilliantly crafted and executed, but over too soon. Book 2 coming soon I hope.

Romp by Adam Pollina
The straight forward story of an armless street fighting champion. The dialogue isn't up to much but the art work is bold and exciting.

Celluloid by Dave McKean
Art that takes the breath away - as usual. An explicit adult story of one woman's fantasy that delves into her mind and dreams. Freudian and intoxicating.

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