Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Horror of the Never-Ending Army

Time doesn't so much fly as disappear at warp speed. It sometimes feel every day should be accompanied by those streaming stars seen when the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars goes into hyperdrive - but that's mixing my sic-fi metaphors.

The first Lady Thrillington novella is selling - not many, but a few copies which is good. I expect this e-book strategy will take time as it's all about marketing on a limited budget, which was hard enough with old style publishing. Also, it's a new reading strategy for a lot of readers. The novella never really stood much of a chance, back in the day, but e-reading allows for snippets to be downloaded and read quickly for a small price. You're going back to the days of Dickens, since that last happened.

To assist the first novella, The Case of the Cursed Star, is almost out on the Kobo format. If any reader has access to a Kobo reader and wants to give it go and give me feedback, it would be most appreciated. Unfortunately the version on Kobo is slightly more expensive than Amazon, due to restrictive pricing. I have no idea why.

The Kobo version is available here.

And of course you can still by it on the Kindle from all the stores, including. and .com

Book two is due out mid-November, in time for that important Christmas rush. I am able to announce here that the new novella will be titled (fanfare):

Lady Thrillington and the Horror of the Never-Ending Army

Also, I hope to have a new sic-fi novel under my own name coming out soon. Part one of a trilogy. So lots to look forward to.

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