Saturday, July 13, 2013

Last Days in Barga

We've been away on holiday to the Lakes of Italy and spent a week back in Barga, the town where my writing journey really began, to box up and sell on our little house. Helen and I moved out there 10 years ago - and I can't really believe it's been a decade. I'm not one for measuring the passing of time, but - blimey! The little house that we did up has now passed into memory and folklore.

A frantic day was spent working out what to take, what to ship and what to leave behind. Together we rummaged through drawers, stuck our hands down the back of the sofa, let the light into long forgotten cabinets and chests and what did we find. Memories - good ones. Old photos of family and friends, many still around, some now departed, letters from old girlfriends, correspondence from colleagues, collections of long forgotten stories, bills and receipts from meals long digested, holiday snaps, birthday and Christmas cards, discarded jewellery, books everywhere, music - the collection of a life well lived, a beautiful haunting.

Whilst there I did an interview, which you can find here:

You'll also be pleased to know that Lady Thrillington no.3 has been started in ernest.

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