Monday, October 28, 2013

"Juvie" is coming

Quick update. "Juvie", my novel set in a world not too dissimilar from our own, is finally on the cards. It looks like it will be available as a Kindle book from the end of November and should follow as a print on demand, physical, object you can put on your shelf, not too long after that.

"A town stranded in the Green, isolated, ruled by the Laws of the Governors; a community reeling from pain and tragedy, where nothing is taken for granted. Not a great place to grow up, not a great place to be a “juvie.”

Ben Hewitt is missing a brother. He has stopped taken his Inhibitors. He has found the gun. Now he is scared. With only a few days until the Anniversary, the musors are after him and sinister strangers have been seen in town. On the run, unable to trust anyone, Ben must learn the black secret hidden in the heart of Greenville’s residents if he is to survive. 

Time is running out."

Published by Wild Frontier Press

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