Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Fine Moustache

Just a real quick reminder that "Juvie" should be out on the Kindle next week and print copies should be available not too long after that.

"Juvie" is book one in at least a two part series, however it's the sort of series that does not necessarily require you to read all the other books to understand what has happened. It's a shared universe kinda thing!

Anyway it's out next week.

Also, I am taking part in Movemeber. Now, I'm cheating a little as I already have a head start having had for a long time a trimmed moustache and beard combo. Things are looking somewhat less smart at the moment, and I hope to try the most manly of moustaches, the handlebar. I think Lady Thrillington has been rubbing off on me.

Current situation is this:
So I have someway to go.

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