Monday, August 16, 2010

First week in Chennai

I've been in India for a week now and can do nothing but reiterate what you've probably heard a thousand times about this place. It's a strange mix between the traditional and the modern, examples include the new malls that are springing up all over Chennai with their air conditioning, modern shops, cinemas, fast food restaurants, supermarkets that sell western brands all located next to streets that are falling apart, people sleeping rough, constant traffic with horns blaring and cattle walking through the chaos. Gas and electric failures are common, but the internet seems to be offered everywhere, along with Sky satellite TV. Poverty is obvious, but so is great wealth.

All the Indians we've met have been polite, intelligent, interested in the world outside their own country, but at the same time reserved in their actions, but the way they interact between themselves seems markedly different.

It's early days and there is much for me to learn about this country. On Sunday we got to go travel to Mamallapuram with some of Madame Vin's colleagues. This is a land full of temples, stretching out on the flat plains to the south of Chennai. I've included a link to photos below:

Today we've been looking at apartments for the remainder of our stay (can't live in hotels forever, no matter how much I enjoy it). We've seen some which are basic by UK standards but a couple that are very nice. Hopefully, we can get something sorted out soon.

Back to work tomorrow with the aim of hitting page 100 of 'Cell' by Friday.

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