Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Strange Things

Strange things I've started to notice since being in India.

Cleaning - Whilst there are plenty of people employed in the cleaning industries in India, nothing actually gets any cleaner. Rubbish lorries arrive and take away the litter, but it's still all over the ground. Sweeping takes place in shopping centers and malls, but no one every gets a bucket and mops the floor. Lots and lots of cleaning, lots and lots of mess.

Going beyond the pale - adverts on television for creams that make you paler, or several shades paler (according to the advert). This is not limited to women but to men as well, with this whitening powder added to ointment for ladies and moisturiser for men. A constant desire to change the skin tone. Completely opposite to the UK idea of beauty and getting a tan, to look more colourful not less.

Where is this India, you speak of - still on adverts, the image that is presented on television is a very western style India. The adverts are all set in towns that look nothing like what is outside the window (I'm convinced many of the adverts are shot abroad - possibly the US). This doesn't gel with the generally conservative society, but that is what they beam into everyones homes every night.

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