Thursday, August 19, 2010

Starting Over

Page 100 of 'Cell' didn't happen as I've decided to re imagine the work. I am now back on page 5. Yesterday I realised that the current incarnation just wasn't working. It didn't feel like it was part of the 'Juvie' landscape that I so carefully built up in the first novel, so I've gone back to the beginning and started over. I want to get it right, so I expect this might happen several times.


"Researchers at the University of Leeds have employed a robotic yellow submarine to fund and begin documenting a massive river under the sea, known as a submarine channel -- the first ever directly observed." From Engadget.

Probably one of the best sci-fi songs I've ever heard. "This sweetly horny tribute to the work of Ray Bradbury, starring Rachel Bloom as the girl who wants to fuck "the greatest scifi writer in history," is sure to put a smile on your face."

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